How to Choose a Kettle – Part 2

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Here are some more features of new kettles that might help with your buying decision.

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Speed – Fast Boiling Kettles

If you cant wait for that first cup of tea or coffee in the morning, or you’re pushed for time, then a quick boil function should be on your list of important features.

Most modern kettles boil water quickly – it’s just how much you are willing to pay for that extra speed. If you are searching specifically for fast kettle, then ‘rapid boil kettle’ is also a useful term to use.

Quick boiling kettles will have a power rating over 2000 watts with the quickest having over 3000 watts. Bear in mind that you will be paying for this extra power output.

Kettle Design

Do you want a statement piece? Or perhaps a kettle that blends in? There are many designer kettles for sale; I have made this page that highlights some of them.

Perhaps you might consider a matching kettle and toaster set – these often work out cheaper if bought together.

Do illuminated lights while the kettle boils add or detract for you? (Personally, I really like the blue light inside my kettle as the boiling water rolls around).

Filter Kettles

Filter KettleMany kettles are fitted with a simple, removable lime scale filter. Others though, have more advanced filtering in place.

Filtering improves both the look and taste of your tea or coffee.

It also helps to minimise the build up of lime scale (a kettle will boil faster with less lime scale).

Alternatively, you could always use pre-filtered water (from a Brita water filter for example) instead of opting for a dedicated filter kettle.

You may also see kettles with gold elements. Apparently, these are easier to clean as gold is naturally more resistant to lime scale.

The two different types of heating elements can also have an effect on lime scale build up.

The regular immersed types are more prone to lime scale build-up and will need cleaning periodically. Hidden elements will reduce this effect.

Variable Water Temperature

This is a relatively new feature of kettles, aimed at enthusiasts. A kettle’s description will be clear if it features this technology.

As a quick guide, these are the different water temperatures for different teas:

Water Temperatures for Tea
Regular Ceylon Black Teas use Full Boiling Water

60°-80° Green teas

75°-85° for White teas

90° for Camomile


Safety is obviously important, yet it can be overlooked. By buying a big brand kettle from the general UK market place, your kettle should offer some kind of boil-dry protection or auto cut-off as standard.

Double check the feature list for something along these lines. This isn’t really a feature, more of a necessity.

Cost / Summary

The extra features, designer looks and different types of finish, will add to the cost of a kettle. Generally speaking, a higher wattage kettle will be more expensive than a lower wattage model, as will a kettle with a gold element. Even a hidden element will add to the price.

With so many other features, cool looks, lights and colours, it’s quite easy to get distracted.

Having a rough idea of the functions and features that are important to you will be helptul to bear in mind as you look for a new kettle.

As I noted on the front page, there are many well rated kettles for sale in the UK. This gives the consumer lots of choice when it comes to buying according to taste and feature requirements.